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Horn In

Kansas City’s hottest horned home fashion trends

The hottest trends aren’t restricted to fashion or home, but find their way into both. We’ve been spotting accessories made of horn or shaped like horns in fashion boutiques and home décor shops alike, and we’re definitely hooked.

1. Decorative bowls, $56 each, from Studio Dan Meiners.

2. Jane Signorelli necklace, $290, and horn pendant, $450, from EJ’s Boutique.

3. Franklin magnifier with horn handle, $24.95, from Z. Gallerie.

4. Cheyenne horn accent table, $299, from Z. Gallerie.

5. Bracelets, $25 each, from Black Bamboo.

6. Black horn carved bone necklace, $115, from Feng.

7. Black horn bracelet, $40, from Studio Dan Meiners.