Give Your Wardrobe the Royals Treatment

There’s no denying that it’s a great time to be a Royals fan.

We are used to disappointment, especially this time of year as chatter about the teams making the playoffs picks up and the collective spirit of KC sports fans plummets.

But this year is different. After this month’s victory against the Oakland Athletics, the Royals took the lead in the American League Central division (and stayed there even after last night’s loss), a feat they haven’t accomplished this late in the season since 2002. It’s such a big deal, they landed their first Sports Illustrated cover in years. Regardless of what happens with the rest of the team’s season, (this year or any other) we’re proud to be Royals—especially in this cool gear.

Freelance Brand Clothing “The Crown” men’s tee, $28, from KC Garment Collective or online here.

Photo by Aaron Lindberg.

Small Royals dog jersey, $23.95, from Three Dog Bakery on the Country Club Plaza.

 Charlie Hustle “Loyal” T-shirt in Mother’s Day Pink, $32, available online here.

Photo by Aaron Lindberg.

Small white leather collar with baseball stitching and Royals logos, $24.99, and blue collar with Royals charm, $35, both from Dazzle Pawz in Park Place.