Get Social at Kate Spade During This Networking Event

Nothing strikes joy in our hearts like a free event, so why not pop in to Kate Spade on the Country Club Plaza to join the Go Blog Social team for an evening of color, networking and shopping?

Go Blog Social, a Midwest based conference and events company, teamed up with Kate Spade New York this week and hosted a night to connect with local bloggers, social media enthusiasts and creative entrepreneurs.

“Kate Spade is such a colorful and cheerful brand that is also social media savvy and uses innovative strategies to reach their customers which really resonates with our attendees and Go Blog Social as a whole,” says co-founder Kathryn Mansur.

Enjoy complimentary treats, giveaways and a special shopping discount to stack your office and closet with the prettiest items.

Check hashtag #GBSxKSNY to see the social media from the event.

Photo courtesy of Cassandra Castaneda Photography.