Cool Tool Alert: Smartwatches

Watch out, Google Glass – Smartwatches are in Style

Look no further than your wrist for the easiest way to keep up with the news, control music and tell time. Smartwatches are enriching the Smartphone experience by alerting wearers of incoming notifications no matter where their phone is. In loud concerts, it’s easy to miss an incoming call. Stopping to check emails during meetings comes across as rude. Looking at your phone in the middle of a movie theater is distracting to others (and will get you thrown out if you’re at the Alamo Drafthouse). Smartwatches alert you whenever you get an incoming text or email without needing to search for your phone or disturbing people around you.

Samsung’s Gear (pictured below) has a large 1.6-inch screen and activates when brought to the user’s eye line. It available for $299 and sends outgoing calls and text messages with voice control. There are also rumors that Apple will be releasing the iWatch in late 2014 with a curved glass for a better fit and new technology to track workouts and more serious health issues; it might even predict heart attacks.

Sony’s SmartWatch 2 is already available for $199 (pictured below). It allows users to initiate calls and is compatible with most Android phones. The Pebble comes with a stylish metal or leather band, is compatible with the Apple Store and has its own vibrating alarm clock for only $229.


Alex Sher