Cool Tool Alert: Bracelet Yourself for a Good Night’s Sleep

These high-tech bracelets will calm you down and keep you well rested.

When our alarms go off in the morning to wake us up for work, most of us wish we had gotten a few extra hours of sleep or that we could feel more refreshed upon waking. Now there is a fashion-forward way to become more well rested while you sleep. Enter the Philip Stein Horizon Bracelet ($395), which uses Natural Frequency Technology to help the wearer achieve a deeper night’s sleep.

The wearable technology was created after studying the influence natural frequencies have on water. The observations were then applied with the belief that all living things have grown accustomed to these natural energies and that the increasing number of man-made frequencies have interrupted our ability to synchronize with them, thus affecting our sleep cycles. The sleep bracelet acts as an antenna to channel the natural frequencies toward our bodies, positively affecting the deepness of sleep and helping to create a more recharged feeling the next morning.

For a calming daytime experience, the Philip Stein Horizon Bracelet ($225 and up) offers style and function in perfect harmony – relaxing the wearer to help you stay balanced and stress-free. Philip Stein bracelets are available at Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s and at — Kathryn Greene