Design & Remodeling

Out On the Tiles

Thinking about giving your kitchen or bathroom a facelift?

Bring them up to date with tile in one of the current trends. Metallic finishes, texture and dimension are some favorites of Amy Sanders of International Materials of Design. Here are some of her picks.

Textured tiles, from left: Pratt and Larson “Textures” large field tiles, $35-$50 per square foot. Pratt and Larson “Filigree” small field tiles, $35-$50 per square foot.

Dimensional tiles, from top to bottom: Ken Mason Tile glazed ceramic tiles, $35-$45 per square foot and concrete tile, $30 per square foot.

Metallic tiles: Artistic Tile “Toledo” small mosaic tile with antique mirror and “Thassos” shaped marble tile, both $260 per square foot. Tabarka Studio terracotta tiles with metallic glaze, $90 per square foot.