The Arts Asylum Invites You to Feed Your HeART

Showcase your inner artist with new workshops from local creative outlet The Arts Asylum.

Starting at the end of August, adults have the opportunity to try their hand (or paintbrush) at something new. The Arts Asylum, an all-inclusive performing and visual arts center, is launching “Feed Your HeART,” a series of beginner workshops for adults.

“After the success of our children’s program, Kids With Crayons, we noticed an overwhelming desire from our adult volunteers who wanted art classes of their own,” Creative Director Courtney Cave-Perry says. Reaching out to their personal tenants along with friends and family, The Arts Asylum team assembled “both emerging and established artists willing to teach anyone at any level to ‘feed’ their creative heart.”

From Experimentation in Mixed Media to Creating a Resin Tile Bracelet (plus improv and knitting), a variety of classes are offered to cater to people with different interests. Register now before all of the classes are full at

A piece created by Seth Jones while giving a demonstration of his “Experimentation in Mixed Media” class.