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Skull Styles to Bring Home

No bones about it—we’re loving this fashion and decor trend.

Ever since British designer Alexander McQueen introduced his skull-print scarves more than a decade ago, the motif has escaped the black-manicured clutches of goths to go mainstream. McQueen’s scarf is a perennial staple in his collections, and now a bevy of other designers are putting skeletons in the closet and on the table.

1. Skull Cashmere “Lil Jack” tank, $172, from Clique Boutique. 2. “Morton” skull trinket box, $29.95, from Z. Gallerie. 3. Skull-beaded necklace, $35, from Tulip. 4. Alexander McQueen silk chiffon scarf, $295, from alexandermcqueen.com. 5. Folded Pigs locally made skull and cross-utensils dessert plate, $18, from Birdies. 6. Skull votive (shown with air plant), $12.50, from Studio Dan Meiners.