Printing a Better Future in 3D

The latest tech craze in a cute box with a nice price.

Recently, 3-D printers have made huge strides in medicine, engineering, industrial design and more. Using an additive process to build objects (meaning they layer materials on top of one another), 3-D printers have been able to create toys, clothing and furniture. The printers allow engineers to test out designs without contacting external production plants, thus making printing one object just as cheap as mass-producing it.

Biomedical engineers are learning to print with live cells too. Printers already exist that can create muscle cells, vascular cells and stem cells. In fact, Cornell University has even created ears that are much more likely to be accepted by the human body than their synthetic counterparts.

While 3-D printers have completely changed many professional industries in the past decade, they are also becoming much more accessible to casual consumers. Right now, 3-D printers easily cost more than $1,000. However, the Micro is revolutionizing the world of 3-D printing so that anyone can print anything. The printer, which is currently on Kickstarter, will utilize Micro Motion Technology with a microchip embedded inside of the printer’s head for precision.

The Micro is compatible with various materials and will print in a variety of colors with its 3-D Printer Filaments. It comes with M3D software so that non-coders can use it, but it also supports open-source software for the more advanced printer. Visit to preorder your Micro for only $299.

Alex Sher

Watch how the Micro 3D Printer works in the video below.