3 Things You Need This Week: Tennis Gear

There’s a lot to love about tennis, but the fashion is at the top of our list.

The U.S. Open has us feeling inspired. Now that you know about KC best courts to play a match, you need to find the perfect outfit for your next tennis date.

1. The Girly Top

Feel chic going from the court to run errands in this gorgeous tennis top by Stella McCartney ($60, from Dick’s Sporting Goods). Featuring special “climacool” construction and bi-tonal volant on each shoulder, you can feel dry, fresh and sophisticated.

2. The Preppy Skirt

Created by one of the most powerful tennis players in the game, this skort designed by Venus Williams ($68, from Fitness Culture) is both adorable and ready for functional play. Thanks, Venus!

3. The Eye-Catching Dress

With built in shorts and wicking to let your body breathe and stay dry, this “Play It Forward” dress ($89, from Athleta) is perfect for playing matches for hours on end.