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Workout of the Week: Park Bench Shape-Up

The next time you go for a run in the park, incorporate these moves into your workout routine.

Christina Larson, personal trainer and owner at His and Her Fitness in Leawood, shows us how to get great arms and legs just by using a park bench.

The Park Bench Press: This move targets your shoulders, triceps, lower abs, quads, and glutes.

With your back to the bench, place your hands on either side, palms forward to hold yourself up. Your hips should be level with the bench seat. For more advanced lifters, place your right heel on the ground with your knee bent and hold your left leg straight to really feel the burn. For beginners, keep both heels on the ground.

Lower yourself down, breathing out as you do so, and bend your arms as you get closer to the ground. Keep your right leg extended as you move downward, if you are doing the more advanced moves. Lower yourself down without touching the ground and then push yourself back up to the starting position. (For beginners, bend your knees as you lower yourself without touching the ground.)

The Park Bench Push Up: This move targets your glutes, abs, anterior delts and quads.

Flip over so that you are facing the bench, palms down on the seat. Extend your legs behind you, so that your toes are touching the ground. Lock your arms to begin and keep your upper body away from the bench. Make sure you are breathing in. Keep your right leg lifted before you begin to push up. (For beginners, keep both feet on the ground.)

Lower yourself toward the bench, bending your arms as your chest approaches the seat. Keep your abs tight and legs straight just like you would when doing a normal push up. Don’t forget to breath out!

Do all exercises in a row three times, and twenty reps for each set. In no time, you’ll see some nice toned arms and legs! His and Her Fitness also offers free clean eating recipes and free videos for creative cardio on their website at www.hisandherfitness.net. —Kathryn Greene