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Workout of the Week: Circuit Routine from Woodside Health Club

This circuit routine, courtesy of the personal trainers at Woodside Health Club, targets muscles from head to toe.

This circuit can be done at home every other day, in the following order, repeating all of the moves 4 to 5 times from top to bottom.

Rear Foot Elevated Posterior Lunge with Row

Stand in a split stance with your weight on your left leg in front, and your right leg elevated behind (using any elevated, stable surface). Maintain a neutral spine and hinge from the hip loading the glutes. With a weight in the right hand, slowly raise a dumbbell toward your side without allowing the shoulder blade to move forward. Two counts down, one count hold, two counts up. Return to the bottom and repeat for 8-10 reps each side.

Tip: If you don’t have dumbbells at home, use milk jugs or bags weighted with cans. Woodside Personal Training highly recommends investing in dumbbells to use at home for better at-home workouts.

Prisoner Squats

With hands behind your head (or folded across your chest) slowly lower yourself, flexing at the hip, knee and ankle. Maintain a neutral spine on the way down until just before your pelvis begins to tip under. Hold in the bottom position for 1-2 seconds and extend at hips, knees and ankles to return to the top of the movement. Two counts down, one count hold, two counts up. Repeat 12-15 times.


Begin in either full or half (knees down) pushup position with your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width under your shoulders, with your weight over your hands. Begin to lower yourself, slowly retracting your shoulder blades as you flex (bend) the elbow. Press through the palms and come back up. Take three counts down, hold for three counts, and three counts up. Repeat 12-15 times (or as many as you can, without straining your muscles).


Load the front leg with the majority of your bodyweight pressing through your heel and big toe. Begin with the knee of your loaded leg at or slightly in front of your ankle. Press through the mid-foot and bring your back leg forward as you stand on the loaded leg. To progress this move, flex the unloaded hip as you bring your posterior leg forward and stabilize on the load leg. Two counts down, one count hold, two counts up. 12-15 each side.

Jump Rope

Jump rope for 30 seconds to one minute depending on your ability. Begin at a pace that best suits you; you may have to begin slowly to start, and increase your time as you get stronger.

For more information about Woodside Health and Tennis Club’s personal training program, visit www.clubwoodside.com.