Who Are the “Cyber Seniors?”

Google Fiber will host two screenings of the nationally acclaimed “Cyber-Seniors” documentary in Westport on Tuesday.

It’s no secret that as technology changes and becomes more advanced, younger generations adapt the quickest. But learning how to use the Internet can change peoples’ lives no matter how old they are.

This was the inspiration behind “Cyber-Seniors,” an award-winning documentary that follows the humorous victories and heartfelt challenges seniors in retirement homes face as they discover the Internet with a little help from high school students.

On Tuesday, July 22, at noon and 6 p.m., Google Fiber will host special screenings at the Google Fiber Space at 1820 Westport Rd., Kansas City, Mo.  Director Saffron Cassaday and producer Brenda Rusnak will participate in Q&A sessions via Google Hangout following each screening.

“Cyber-Seniors” is not just a documentary, but also campaign launched with the intent to promote intergenerational connections and bridge the technology gap between the young and the old across America.

For more information on the “Cyber-Seniors” documentary and campaign, visit

= Nicolette Martin