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Tory Burch Glams Up Fitness Trackers

Keeping track of your workouts just got a lot chicer thanks to Tory Burch.

Fitness tracking devices can be a great way to keep track of your fitness activities, progress, calories and sleep patterns, but let’s face it—they aren’t always the most attractive accessory, especially once your workout has ended.

Fortunately designer Tory Burch has come to the rescue, launching a fashionable jewelry collection that conceals the popular Fitbit Flex tracker. Pieces include trendy silicone bracelets featuring Burch’s signature patterns ($38), a metal-hinged brass bracelet ($195) and this polished Fret Pendant Necklace made of solid brass ($175).

Photos via toryburch.com.

The accessories, which are sold separately from Fitbits, are currently available to pre-order online and expected to ship later this summer.