One Small Step for Man, One Giant for Mankind

Move over Bing, the next generation of search engines happens to be based right here in KC.

Google may alter its algorithms, change its doodles and adjust its logo by one pixel, but the search engine’s aesthetic has remained fairly stagnant over the years. Yahoo and Bing may not be reinventing themselves much either, but Kansas City’s is nothing short of revolutionary.

“Blue links are boring,” notes Brittain Kovac, director of internal navigation at “Search engines really haven’t changed much in the last few years, and we want to fix that.”

Although it technically operates as a search engine, is much more than that. Search results don’t have to be hunted down through a myriad of blue hyperlinks, descriptions and numerous clicks of the back and forward browser buttons. Instead, they’re laid out in a way that’s simple and easy on the eye. tosses blue hyperlinks aside in favor of an interface that is both visually appealing and social media savvy. For starters, content on the homepage is curated based on trending news.

To demonstrate, Kovac types “Royals” into’s search bar and a variety of results pop up ranging from the song by recording artist Lorde to the logo of the Royals baseball team to tweets from baseball fanse—all on the same Web page.

Interspersed with the search results is what calls “Perspectives” or the social component of a search. Kovac’s description of Perspectives is not unlike a Pinterest board. Perspectives allow account holders to collect search results that can be followed, contributed to and commented on. They are completely customizable by the user and can contain links to images, videos and articles.

Is there an app for that? You bet. The free Leap 2 mobile app offers visual results on the go. You can tap the local button to refocus your search on businesses relevant to your location while accessing maps and driving directions.

We could keep describing, but its beauty lies in its execution. The site is officially live, so visit to check it out.