Make a Fabulous Floral Arrangement

Emily Walters of Emmy-Ray Design Studio isn’t your run-of-the-mill floral designer.

She’s also a blogger, mother and jewelry designer. But after doing her own wedding flowers in 2008, her referrals from friends and family snowballed into her floral design business.

“Flowers should be something everyone can enjoy,” she says. “Some people are intimidated by floral design and I want to de-mystify it.”

Lucky for us, she shared amazing tips on how to create a fabulous arrangement with flowers from your local grocery store. To do this arrangement, you need the following:

-Flowers (locally grown bunches from the grocery store, farmer’s market, etc.)

-Vase of water


Step 1: Unpackage flowers. If you have time, do it the day before your event so they can hydrate.

*Emily’s tip: Make friends with your local florist. They can get you unique flowers for a price similar to grocery store flowers.

Step 2: Separate by flower. This is to help you know what colors and sizes you are working with.

*Emily’s tip: Remember, you don’t have to use all of the flowers. Feel free to separate by color family and do two arrangements.

Step 3: Remove all dead petals and any leaves that sit below the water line in your vase. You can leave some foliage if you like, but leaves in the water promote bacteria growth.

Step 4: Begin arranging. Start with the greenery to accentuate the flowers. Cut the stems so everything sits low in the vase. After you put the greenery in, move onto your largest flower. Lay flowers in the vase at an angle. “When flowers are low in the vase, they look more full and beautiful,” Walters says.

*Emily’s tip: Crisscross the stems as you go and turn the vase so you can view the arrangement from every angle.

Step 5: Add in the smaller filler flowers.

Step 6: Tuck in extra flowers to fill in the holes. Tall flowers should come last.

*Emily’s tip: Have the flowers arranged asymmetrically for extra flair.

For more tutorials, check out Emily’s blog, www.handmakerofthings.com!