Lily Dawson Dazzles With Her Jewelry Designs

Hailing from Columbia, MO, the now Kansas City-based designer Lily Dawson didn’t always know she’d be a hit in the jewelry world.

But after only a few months in Kansas City and a few boosts from celebrities like Sophia Bush, she’s proven that she’s here to stay.

 Q: How did you get started in jewelry?

A: I am from Columbia but I moved to Los Angeles for fashion school. I decided to leave after a short time there because I loved and missed the Midwest and disliked fashion school. I started making jewelry for myself when I couldn’t find pieces similar to the ones I loved in L.A. It was around the time of the “arm party” boom and soon enough, people wanted them too. It really grew organically.

Gold rock cuff, $40.

Q: Where do you draw your inspiration?

A: Originally I would be inspired by other jewelry designers and pieces that they created. Now, it’s evolved to me letting the materials inspire me. I get excited and order materials I love and sit in my office and let it guide the designs.

Painted Avis earrings, $50.

Q: At what point in your career did you think, “I finally made it”?

A: I still don’t think I’ve hit that point. But I do love walking into a restaurant and seeing someone wearing a piece of mine. It’s crazy to think that even though they may not know me, they chose to accessorize their outfit with a piece that I created.

Scarab necklace, $90.

Q: What do you like about being based in Kansas City?

A: I originally wasn’t sure how KC was going to act towards my business. I was the new girl and legitimately had concerns that I could go out of business. To my surprise, the response has been great. Kansas City loves and supports their artists, and a lot of people have promoted what I do.

Lily Dawson Designs can be found at Skyline Downtown Salon and at Standard Style as well as online.

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