Our Top 5 Most Unique Business Cards

Think business cards are limited to black ink on white card stock? Think again.

Story by Alex Sher

When it comes to networking, business cards are the ultimate accessory. Whip one out, and you just gave someone a professional and organized first impression. Plus, they demonstrate to potential clients what you and your company are all about.

The only downside is they tend to follow a basic template rendering them indistinguishable from others. In a sea of mundane business cards, help your company make a splash with a creative card that commands attention.

Here are our top five choices:

#5 – Grovemade

For a unique card that is more durable than flimsy paper cards, check out Grovemade. The Oregon-based wooden and leather accessories designer developed a business card made out of bamboo. Each card is hand-sanded and oiled, and can be personalized with direct printing or laser cutting options. The company destroys any and all fears of not meeting expectations by offering a free mock-up of your card. YouTube, Google and Nike have all turned to Grovemade for creative corporate products. If you’d like to do the same, visit Pricing varies depending on size of order.

#4 – Jukebox Print

From cork to wood to recycled paper to pure cotton, Canada’s Jukebox Print offers a wide variety of materials for the base of your business card. For something that literally stands out, Jukebox Prints offers 3D embossing and debossing for an even more unique effect. The company’s Spot UV allows specific words or illustrations to shine in light, and it creates vintage-inspired, distressed cards by hand. The cards even come in various shapes ranging from a ticket to lips to a cupcake. While the pricing changes based on each individual order, Jukebox Print sells its business cards at competitive prices. Visit for details.


#3 – Custom Pop Ups

Custom Pop Ups are reminiscent of children’s pop-up books, only they’re smaller and more awesome. This innovative California card company works closely with clients to help their dreams materialize in 3D, allowing them to assume as little or as much of a role in the design process as they choose. From a person rowing through Venice to an Auburn University football game to a Maytag washer/dryer duo, Custom Pop Ups can turn any business card into a 3D work of art.  While pricing depends on the nature and size of each order, the company’s website, offers a quick quote tool.


#2 – Murmure

Using specialized materials, designs and cuts, Murmure creates images that jump off of their business cards for a 3D effect, but not in a way that you would expect. Its ultra-creative use of materials is what really sets this French design company apart. Murmure has developed business cards printed on small slabs of cement or crafted out of old, torn-up posters. Its heat-sensitive business cards only reveal information when in contact with a palm, otherwise appearing as black slips of paper. Murmure’s pricing varies by the specifications of each order, but you can visit to see the company’s previous projects and get a quote.



Considering REACTOR is a local company hailing from Kansas City’s Crossroads District, we like to think we saved the best for last. The graphic design and brand strategy studio focuses on creating brands that are “E.P.I.C.”— its word for engaging people in conversation. All of its business cards are custom designed for each client and incorporate an impressive list of materials and techniques. For instance…

  • REACTOR highlighted local technology consultancy, Triple-I’s, innovative talents and unique name with die-cuts and an arch-shaped card.
  • It made networking easy for Microsoft employees with personalized pop-up photographs of each employee so their fellow professionals would never forget their face.
  • REACTOR used a transparent card and primary colors in video production company Fine Blend to highlight the brand’s logo and play with the color spectrum utilized in its video projects.
  • It mimicked the motion of removing the plastic module in LED lights for Journe´e Lighting with white foil stamps that are removed to reveal company information.
  • And for REACTOR’s own business cards, the design studio spared no expense. Each card cost about $8 to produce and contains one of 50 unique messages inside.

With these feats and more, REACTOR raises the bar for what business cards can do. REACTOR’s prices vary by order, and quotes are available at