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Crows Coffee Lands in KC

Birds of a feather caffeinate together.

Photo by David Allison.

Crows Coffee owner Zach Moores has a few people and places to thank for his new South Plaza shop—his father, who opened a short-lived coffee shop in Waldo that first introduced Moores to the caffeine business, and beverage behemoth Starbucks.

“I want to give thanks to Starbucks,” Moores says. “They created this whole coffee culture, but as far as the local coffee shops go, we can take it from here.”

That’s tough talk coming from somebody who is making his first foray into the world of owning a business and working with coffee after leaving the corporate sector behind, but he’s benefited from the support and expertise of others in the coffee community.

“I’ve asked a lot of questions and asked a lot of coffee shop owners,” he says. He’s also stocked his shop with some of KC’s best products.

Crows Coffee serves Messengers Coffee and mochas and caramels feature Christopher Elbow Chocolate. The coffee shop also has Le Monde Bakery pastries and Chelsea’s Bakehaus cookies and star bars on hand for peckish customers with a craving for locally made goodies.

Beyond becoming a coffee hot spot, Moores hopes Crows will be a place where customers socialize. The shop features a large community table designed to bring strangers together in the moody space featuring exposed brick walls and rafters as well as a stained concrete floor.

 Photo via Crows Coffee’s Instagram.

“I love being in coffee shops, the whole atmosphere they bring to the table. I’m a morning person, so I just love the energy people have in coffee shops, the aspect of talking and community. To me, that’s just as important as the coffee.”

As for that name? Moores explains that crows are social, intelligent and loyal with an edge that represents black coffee. Start flocking to Crows Coffee, open 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day.