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Sensoria Socks Help You Run Smarter

Socks probably don’t top your list of must-have fitness gear, but they should. 

There’s always so much to remember when you’re about to start a new workout routine. Make sure you have the right–and cutest–clothes (It doesn’t hurt to look good when you work out, right?), the proper shoes, the best fitness tracker, the hottest playlist … but there’s something you’ve been missing: your socks.

But they’re just white ankle socks that no one cares about. They’re just dirty on the bottom and keep me (most of the time) from getting blisters. Socks don’t matter, right? Not true anymore.

Thanks to Heapsylon’s newest Sensoria garments and electronics, your clothes are becoming the computer, and your socks have never been so smart.

Now you can use them as a tool to get the best from your workout. Infused with 100 percent textiles sensors, the socks pair with a Bluetooth Smart cool and detachable anklet that provides information about step counting, speed, calories, altitude and distance tracking.

You might be saying, “No thanks, I’ll stick with my 100 percent cotton socks from Target.” Can your 100 percent cotton socks also tell you about your cadence, foot landing technique and weight distribution on the foot as you walk and run?

Sensoria socks can.

With all of this information, Sensoria can help you identify injury-prone running styles and achieve goals, improve performance and reduce your risk of going back to bad techniques.

For $149 (currently marked down from $199), you can preorder four pairs of smart socks (available in white, black, pink or blue), one electronic anklet that magnetically snaps on the cuff of one of the socks, one anklet charger and a dedicated mobile application that monitors and guides you through audio cues while you work out.

Don’t stop with the socks, though. Sensoria also offers fitness t-shirts ($79, available in blue or black), as well as a fitness sports bra ($79, available in red or black) made with 100 percent textile cardiac electrodes that send consistent and accurate heart rate data to your heart rate monitor and mobile application.

All Sensoria products are machine washable and available at www.store.sensoriafitness.com. –Nicolette Martin