It’s Only ROCKI Roll, But We Like It

ROCKI helps connect the music players of the past to digital convenience

In a world where technology is rapidly transforming, it seems that there is a hot new device every year that becomes obsolete almost as quickly as it became popular. You know that old radio sitting in your garage collecting dust that you have yet to throw away? Be glad you still have it because there is a way to put it to use again with Rocki, a pocket-sized device with nothing but big things to offer.

This portable Wi-Fi-enabled dongle bridges the gap between old and new technology by transforming any speaker into a high-quality wireless sound system. (Yes, even your Boombox.) While there is a time for headphones, there are other times when you must rock on with your bad self. The Rocki can provide your party with a collective listening experience through its free app, which allows users to wirelessly access your friends’ music and create socially-curated playlists. Think of it as a jukebox for the 21st century.

Rocki is also compatible with online music services like SoundCloud, and plans to partner with more music streaming services in the future. Available in a variety of bright hues, this gem-shaped device is sure to be the crown jewel of any summer get-together. Rocki can be purchased online at for $49 for one device or $145 for a set of 3 that includes 7 interchangeable color covers. – Kathryn Greene