The 2016 Discovery Sport Boasts “Invisible Hood” Technology

To honor the 25th anniversary of the Land Rover Discovery, they’ve made a vehicle unlike any other: the 2016 Discovery Sport.

Land Rover unveiled its latest design concept at the 2014 New York Auto Show in mid-April and says the seven-passenger, luxury SUV will go on sale in 2015. However, the automaker has yet to disclose a price tag.

At the heart of the Discovery Sport is the Discovery Vision Concept, combining Land Rover’s traditional quality and style with futuristic features. There is little information available on what exactly the SUV will be capable of, but a prototype image has been released, along with a few features.

Land Rover says that the car will have smart glass to allow passengers in the back seats to control the entertainment system with simple facial gestures and arm movements. The Discovery Sport will also have Terrain Response to drive as efficiently as possible on grass, gravel, snow, mud, sand and rocks.

Driving also will be improved with the “transparent hood,” which, in reality, is just an image of the ground being projected on to the hood. Nonetheless, this feature allows the driver to see the terrain immediately in front of him and the direction the front tires are facing.

Land Rover revealed that the new vehicle will have laser headlights, which will add 300 meters to the driver’s visibility. Probably the most groundbreaking aspect of the SUV is its Remote Control Drive for critical driving conditions. The vehicle will have the ability to be driven remotely from a smart phone or tablet at slow speeds.

The SUV will have a fresh design focused on safety and comfort, while still appearing modern and sleek. The central console will consist of two touch screens for easily accessible information and never-before-seen features like the ability to reconfigure the seats.

While the Discovery Sport will be able to seat seven people, the seats will fold and slide for a four-passenger “limousine” mode. There will be more screens behind the steering wheel for the driver to access without getting distracted.

Recently, Land Rover teamed up with aircraft maker Virgin Galactic, which has helped make the cars even more aerodynamic. To stay in the know for the future of land vehicles, visit and sign up for updates on the Discovery Sport.

To see the current year model of the Land Rover Discovery Sport, visit Aristocrat Land Rover in Merriam.

Alex Sher