KCK vs. KCMO: Yahoo Asks Which City Reigns Supreme

The border war rages on.

Our beloved metro is the subject of the latest in a series of Yahoo Travel stories that pit writers from rival cities against each other to make their case for superiority. See how both sides of the state line fared in the resulting comparison by category.

The Z Man at Oklahoma Joes.

Great Food That Gets Ridiculously Long Lines in KCK: Don’t let the name fool you: Oklahoma Joe’s is a Kansas original. Every day, BBQ lovers from both sides of the state line (and further afield) queue up at the restaurant’s original location — in a gas station in KCK—to order legendary offerings, including the Z Man, a sandwich consisting of slow-smoked beef brisket, smoked provolone, and onion rings piled high on a Kaiser roll. Check it out and you’ll see why Anthony Bourdain named Oklahoma Joe’s “One of Thirteen Places to Eat Before You Die.”

Great Food That Gets Ridiculously Long Lines in KCMO: Barbecue is a religion in KC, and every native has a favorite place to stuff their face. There’s Gates, Jack Stack, Smokestack, Smokehouse, and Smoking Gun just to name a tiny slice. But Arthur Bryant’s is the must-taste classic. Founded in 1908, the 18th and Vine location has been visited by everyone from Steven Spielberg and Jack Nicholson to Bill Clinton and John McCain.

What Locals Drink in KCK: Think all the best whiskey comes from the Deep South? Nope. The Reserve Bourbon hailing from JoCo’s Dark Horse Distillery has repeatedly beaten out offerings from south of the Mason-Dixon.

What Locals Drink in KCMO: Boulevard Beer—and soon you won’t have to be local to drink it. Our beloved craft brewery just went global, being bought out by giant Belgian beer maker, Duvel.

The battle continues at, where you can read the rest of the story, which features our chief editor, Lara Hale, making her case for KCK (although she loves all of Kansas City).