The KC Magazine 100

Our annual list of the people making Kansas City a great place to live

Ask any of us on the KC Magazine staff what we like most about the job and you’ll probably hear the same answer: all of the amazing people we meet during the course of our work. Almost every day each of us has the opportunity to speak to someone new, whether it’s the owner of a local boutique or restaurant, a board member from a nonprofit we’re collaborating with for an event, a young entrepreneur looking for help spreading the word about a startup, or an artist we’re interviewing for a story. It’s a privilege to encounter so many people who are doing such interesting things and who are truly passionate about what they do – and we’re excited to have the chance to share some of those people with you now via our annual KC Magazine 100 list.

When we asked some local contacts for their suggestions of who should make the list, it was difficult to put into words the criteria for the sort of people we were seeking to include. The best way we could come up with to explain it is the same way we’ll describe the list to you now: It’s people who are doing cool things in and for Kansas City.

Read on, and you’ll see just what we mean.