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Drink to Your Health with a Juice Cleanse

Get a better feeling from Cafe Gratitude and t. Loft

OK, so trying out a raw juice cleanse probably won’t get you mistaken for celebrity devotees such as Sophia Vergara, Gwyneth Paltrow or Blake Lively, but it could just get you looking and feeling like a superstar version of yourself.

Advocates claim short juice fasts are a great way to kick-start better health, with reported benefits ranging from clearer skin and improved energy and moods to weight loss and reduced sugar cravings. Whether you want to head off on your summer vacay with a healthy glow or need to get back on track after too many barbecues and summer festivals, two local venues are offering juice boosts.

Give Café Gratitude just 24 hours’ notice and you can pick up all you need for a one-, two- or three-day juice cleanses from the Crossroads restaurant. There are three levels of cleanse plans available (beginner, intermediate and expert); each includes five fresh-pressed juices and one house-made almond milk per day for $59. Not ready to cut out solid food entirely?

Try t.Loft’s cleanse, which consists of four juices, one almond milk, one salad, one protein ball and tea for $55 each day. Give them a call the week before you want to start your cleanse, then pick up your items at either location between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. each day to ensure maximum freshness.