Cool Tool Alert: Ringly Mobile Alert Jewelry

Put a Ring On It

Sometimes it can be hard for ladies on the go to detach themselves from their smartphones. Whether in a meeting or out to dinner with friends, it’s tempting to reach into that handbag for our phones to check for notifications for fear of missing out. And yet the only thing we’re missing out on is living in the moment.

Enter Ringly, a cocktail ring that notifies you when you receive a text or email. Created with the belief that technology can be more discreetly integrated into our lives, this wearable piece of tech isn’t just disguised as a trendy accessory, it is one. Ringly is crafted with 18-karat matte gold and set with semi-precious stones such as Black Onyx, Pink Sapphire, Rainbow Moonstone and Emerald.

The customization doesn’t stop there; download Ringly’s free app and program your notifications. Want Ringly to let you know when your next meeting is in 15 minutes? Or maybe you want to know when your boss or significant other has called or texted you? Set subtle custom color and vibration patterns to correspond with your favorite apps like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. This gilded gadget can even alert you if you’ve left your phone behind.

Return Ringly to its ring box that doubles as a charging station to recharge the battery, which will last for approximately three days. Pre-order this high-tech fashion accessory at for $145.