Bring Out Your Innner Beach Babe

No beach? No problem.

You can still get salt water-style waves with these steps from Heidi Bowles, the woman responsible for the beautiful hair and makeup in this month’s fashion feature and a stylist at Soffia Via salon in Overland Park.

“Start with the right haircut,” Bowles says. “To get beachy waves, you don’t necessarily have to have long hair. What you do need is long layers. Waves won’t fall right on hair that’s all one length.”

Then spritz freshly washed, towel-dried hair with texturizing Bumble and bumble. Surf Spray ($26) all over the head to get a rough texture. If you have thick hair, spray less. Scrunch hair as it dries. We all have some natural wave in our hair, and scrunching hair as it dries is the secret to finding it. You can either let hair air-dry or use a diffuser on your hair dryer. To properly scrunch hair, hold a section in your palm, fold it up towards your scalp, then squeeze.

“Create curls with an iron. You can skip this step for a subtler look, but if you want even more curl, create haphazard curls by wrapping random 2-inch thick sections of hair around the fat barrel of a curling iron. Run your fingers through hair to break up the curls. Put a bit of Bumble and bumble. Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil ($38) on your fingers to add extra shine and tame fly-always, but use sparingly if you have fine hair to prevent it from being weighed down. Then set the wave by bending upside down and spritzing Bumble and bumble. Dryspun Finish ($29) on the roots.

Stand back up and spritz the wave lightly with Bumble and bumble. Does It All Styling Spray ($28) to set it.”