StartupsAnonymous Allows Founders to Crowdsource Frustrations


All those brilliant ideas no longer have to go to waste based on fear of what others might think. StartupsAnonymous, created by Dana Severson and Nick Ciske, is a website for founders, employees and investors to openly share their stories, frustrations and questions without revealing their true identities.

The anonymity provides a secure environment for people to brag about their victories, vent about their mistakes, and more importantly, to learn from others’ successes and failures. Basically, it’s a great tool for entrepreneurs to gain credible insight and advice. Questions range from “I would like to sell my profitable startup. Where do I begin?” to “What the heck is going on with Clinkle?!”

Despite its name, StartupsAnonymous will allow anyone to submit and disclose his or her company’s identity if desired. Stories and questions are reviewed before they’re posted publicly to ensure they’re not promotional in nature or indecent. Entrepreneurs can bounce ideas off of one another in a Q&A format, but for those in need of a specialist’s help, the website offers an “Expert” option. Users may submit their questions anonymously to have them answered by Freshbooks, the No. 1 cloud-based accounting solution created for small business owners.

Anyone can join the network at

—Mackenzie Leander