Patrick Ryan Spices Up Tengo Sed Cantina

If you think you know what to expect at Tengo Sed Cantina, you might want to take a second look.

The restaurant has a deliciously revamped menu courtesy of Port Fonda’s Patrick Ryan, who brought elements of his beloved Westport spot’s food to Power & Light.

You’ll want to sample everything from starters (the pozole verde sopa is a favorite of Ryan’s) to desserts like the cinnamon apple churros. But obviously tacos are our top priority, especially these beach street food-inspired offerings, which come with Ensenada-style fried tilapia, chipotle-garlic grilled shrimp, smoked trout, grilled chicken and steak, or our personal favorite, braised pork belly topped with chipotle barbecue, arugula and grilled corn salsa.

Try the new dishes and enjoy the renovated space, which includes a garage door that opens onto Walnut Street. Looking for the perfect time to go? Tengo Sed Cantina’s new Taco Tuesdays mean you can get 2-for-1 tacos and sangria all day long.

Photo via Tengo Sed Cantina’s Facebook page.