Last Message Mobile App Sends Alerts When Going Dark

“Better safe than sorry,” is the idea here.

Last Message Mobile App

Chances are, every cell phone user has at one point frightened their loved ones when their phone was suddenly inaccessible. Dead cell phone batteries have caused incalculable instances of unsubstantiated worry, started many a marital altercation and led to countless misunderstandings.

Sure, humankind existed just fine before we had constant access to each other, but ultra-connectedness has soared ahead of battery-life technology and that’s why apps like Last Message exist. This free app for Android sends an SMS text or social media message when the user’s phone is taking its last dying breaths.

Easily programmable, Last Message sends personalized messages only to previously selected contacts. The battery percentage that triggers a message can also be preset, and the app provides statistics on the battery life and temperature of the specific device in use. Only want a low-battery message sent on weekends or at night? Last Message can be programmed to start and stop on specific days and times.

For any mobile consumer who routinely neglects their charger, Last Message might be a good idea. Your mother will thank you.

- Lindsey Kennedy