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Hugo Tea Company Brings Tea Time to KC

If the first thing that comes to mind when you think tea is party, it might be time you met Hugo. 

Hugo Team Company is bringing organic, hand-crafted loose leaf tea to KC in a modern way— doilies and sugar cubes need not make an appearance, says founder Tyler Beckett, who created the company in 2012 and battles against the perception of dainty drinking.

“It’s a bitterness I’ve had being a male tea-drinker for the past 15 years,” he says.

The longtime tea lover wanted to bring the drink back to the beverage forefront, where coffee reigns supreme.

“Kansas City is a coffee town in the middle of a coffee country,” Beckett explains. “It isn’t that tea isn’t as good as coffee. It’s because we live in a coffee culture and nobody was selling tea or talking about tea or branding tea in the right way.”

Armed with packaging that boasts an industrial feel and the belief that the world would be a better place if more people drank more tea thanks to its many health benefits and mild environmental impact, Beckett carefully crafts blends, including his personal favorite, the smooth and robust Full-Steam Black Tea, which are available at many local restaurants, coffee shops and grocery stores throughout the metro as well as online.

Sip chicly from the Rosanna “Luxe Moderna” teacup ($22.99) and Fringe Studio saucer ($12.99 as part of a set with teacup, not shown) from Pryde’s Kitchen and Home in Westport and happily knowing that you’re drinking in health benefits. Photo by Aaron Lindberg.