Cool Tool Alert: Tego Power Grid

The Tego Power Grid has more power and less bulk. What’s not to like?

Are you tired of your phone always dying while you’re out or having to lug around a big, bulky on-the-go charger?

Power off the hassle and power on the fashion with Tego Power’s Power Grid: a compact and stylish portable power source.

When your power is running low, simply pull out the Power Grid, plug in your device with the included flat-designed micro-USB cable (for Android) or your Apple product’s power cord, and say hello to a green battery.

The Power Grid automatically goes to work when a device is connected, alleviating the pain of pulling out a dead phone because you forgot to turn the charger on.

Five LED lights that indicate your Power Grid’s charge level, and a function that powers off your charger when not in use for seven seconds, allow you to optimize the device’s charging capabilities and prevent it from wasting charge when not in use.

Don’t want to go it alone? Charge with friends! The durable, lightweight charger – available in black, pink, green and blue – is equipped with two USB ports and a power-house battery designed to hold enough charge to power up most phones twice, or fully charge two phones at once.

If you’re an Apple user or just want to connect multiple devices without getting all of your cords in a mess, Tego Power sells a black, white or mint three-in-one trio cable equipped with three of the most common charging tips:

  • Apple Lightning connection (for the iPhone 5 and 5s, and newer iTouch)
  • Apple 30-pin connection (for iPhones older than the iPhone 5)
  • Micro-USB connection (for Android)

To purchase a Tego Power Grid ($59 for one or a three-pack for $125) or a Tego trio cable ($19.99 for one or a three-pack for $39.99), visit

Nicolette Martin