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Big Benefits of Zumba Cardio Classes

This infographic shows you the raw numbers.

As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, it’s about time to grab your favorite swimsuit, slather on some suntan lotion and make your way to the pool. But what if your body isn’t in bikini shape, and you just can’t find a workout to stick with from day to day?

Maybe you should turn up the radio and try one of summer 2014’s hottest fitness trends: Zumba.

According to a recent consumer survey in which 1,000 consumers who belong to a gym or work out at least once a week were polled, more than 70 percent of respondents who described their level of physical activity as “high” or “very high” perceive Zumba classes to have significantly higher cardio benefits than other exercise groups. And when compared to a study by the American Council of Exercise, they’re right: people who take Zumba classes burn more calories than cardio kickboxing, step aerobics, hooping and power yoga.

If your problem lies not in finding a workout that you like, but rather keeping up with a workout long enough to reap its benefits, you’re in luck. Zumba is increasing in popularity and people don’t seem to want to stop. Nearly three out of four people agreed that dance-based classes are more popular than ever, and 97 percent of current Zumba participants said they plan on continuing to attend Zumba cardio classes.

“Fitness shouldn’t be something you dread, like the treadmill; it should be physically and emotionally rewarding,” Zumba CEO Albert Perlman says. “The survey emphasizes what we have known for years at Zumba: You are more likely to stick with an activity that you enjoy.”

To find the one of 100 Zumba classes available in the Kansas City area that fits your schedule, visit http://www.zumba.com, and click on “Classes.”

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