What an Untangled Web We Weave

Kansas City’s ThreadBuds help you untangle your life in more ways than one.

Nick and Maddie Paradise want to “untangle your life,” starting with your headphones. The Olathe couple and co-owners of ThreadBuds came up with the concept of tangle-proof headphones during a rainy day craft project. When Maddie’s headphones met her niece’s friendship bracelet kit, a problem was solved. “It didn’t take long to realize they didn’t tangle,” Maddie recalls.

ThreadBuds are not only stylish, they also prevent tangling and can keep cords from cracking or freezing in cold temperatures while protecting them against the regular wear and tear of everyday use. “It answered so many other people’s problems that we didn’t even realize they would solve,” Maddie says.

ThreadBuds come in six colors including black, blue, pink, yellow, green and red. They are available in-store at Hallmark Timeless Traditions, Two Chic Blvd and Envy Salon or online at for $25 a pair. After just six weeks online, ThreadBuds has sold more than 1,000 pairs.

The company plans to use its growing social media presence to expand its product line and offer more ways for customers to untangle their lives. “Every Tuesday we do a post about some life hack,” Nick says. “We want people to think about us when they think about something to simplify their life.”  For more information, visit — Chelsea Koehly