Quixey Helps You Search for a Better Solution

This search engine filters through apps to pinpoint the ones you want and need.

Apps can bewilder even the most tech-savvy smartphone users. And with more than 1 million different options now populating both Apple’s app store and Google Play, it’s easy to see why information overload often sets in.

Enter Quixey, a search engine that helps users cut through the clutter and find the apps they really need. Quixey allows computer, Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows device users to search mobile, desktop, Web and browser apps. Although other search engines require you to know the name of the app you’re searching for, Quixey returns results based on what you want the app to do, a feature called “functional search” that will become increasingly valuable as new technology expands what apps can offer and more companies and developers attempt to create a digital presence.

The company’s algorithm-based proprietary system automatically gathers millions of pieces of data from across the Web, including blogs, reviews, articles and tweets, to learn exactly what each app can do, then uses those findings to deliver the best results for queries. Looking for a better way to keep track of your schedule? Search for “schedule planner,” and Quixey will find apps that match what you’re looking for, displaying info about features, prices and user feedback to help you find the best fit.

And, of course, there’s an app for that. In addition to offering a website for app-happy searchers, Quixey is currently available for Android devices in the Google Play store. While that service is invaluable, when it comes to navigating the ever-evolving world of apps, the search engine is working on even better ways to help solve a different problem.

Each app is designed to be self-contained, making it impossible to get the information you might need from multiple apps at once. But thanks to a new feature currently in the works, Quixey will soon return results by pulling information from within individual apps. Hungry for a good steak? Using the next generation of functional search, your query will return restaurant reviews from Yelp, recipes from Epicurious and everything in between.

Although it may seem like Quixey is too good to be true, it’s not. But for it to really succeed, it’s going to take some time and effort, not to mention help from developers who must allow the company access to data. That’s why Quixey recently launched a program to help app developers build products so they are searchable and indexed. Bottom line: Quixey is an important step in our ability to successfully navigate through a world that’s increasingly reliant on all things digital and mobile.