What Does the Future Hold for Time Warner Kansas City?

The media giant discusses its long-term relationship with KC, offering insight on new technologies and its merger with Comcast.

By Perry Watson

We’ve served Kansas City since 1979. In those 35 years, we launched the high-speed Internet revolution, brought real competition to the home phone business and built a legacy of innovation in video entertainment: the DVR, On Demand, Look Back and Start Over. Fans made MetroSports the most comprehensive source for local sports. Now TWC SportsChannel, it’s home to University of Kansas athletics.

Our experience with innovations like these taught us how to integrate what customers tell us in planning for the future. During our more than 173,000 monthly conversations with customers, we hear what they like and what they don’t like about their service. We can see where customer usage of our network is highest, helping us to target investment to maintain reliability and quality — often resolving a potential issue before it affects the customer.

Consumer behavior and trends continue to drive Time Warner Cable’s most recent innovations in Kansas City and throughout the U.S. Customers want to take the Internet experience they have at home everywhere — and in KC, they can: there are more than 1,000 area TWC WiFi hotspots which are free to Standard and above Internet and Business Class Internet customers. These customers also have free access to more than 200,000 hotspots nationwide through our partnerships with other cable companies. And for consumers who want more speed, we made KC our first market to offer 100 Mbps downloads.

Consumers also want access to their favorite content, no matter where they are, and no matter what screen they’re watching.  The TWC TV app first brought live TV to the iPad in 2011 — it was the most downloaded iOS app the day it was introduced. Today, consumers can view hundreds of channels of live TV and thousands of On Demand movies and shows in-home on smartphones, tablets, readers, streaming players, gaming consoles and the latest smart TVs, and watch a growing number of live TV channels and On Demand choices no matter where they’re connected to the Internet.

The needs of local businesses have also spurred innovation at Time Warner Cable.  Kansas City firms of all sizes now have a compelling choice for business communications tools, including Internet, voice, television, network and cloud services, including customized fiber-optic solutions with speeds up to 10 Gbps.

We’re proud that nearly 800 employees call the Kansas City area home.  And we have invested millions of dollars in cash, in-kind services and volunteer time to help build a stronger, more vibrant Kansas City community.  The centerpiece of that investment is Connect a Million Minds, our five-year, $100 million commitment to connect young people with experiences in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

Finally, we’re excited about the future.  As you may know, Time Warner Cable and Comcast, which serves portions of metro Kansas City, have announced plans to merge.  The merger will not close for several months, pending necessary regulatory approvals. Comcast and Time Warner Cable have been the leaders in all of the industry’s most important innovations of the last 25 years, and this merger should accelerate the pace of that innovation, delivering all of the possibilities of cable’s superior broadband networks to more American consumers.

As Area Vice President for Operations in Kansas City and Lincoln, NE areas, Perry Watson promotes a commitment to strong customer relationships, achieving regional growth and building a great place to work. As a lifelong resident of the Kansas City area, Perry understands the importance of our local community organizations and encourages active team engagement throughout the city.