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2 “Facial Gymnastic” Exercises to Smooth Wrinkles Naturally

Nothing says youthful more than a wrinkle-free face. Despite your age, how do you keep it that way?

Unfortunately, as we age, the more than 50 muscles in our faces begin to loosen, causing droopy skin and wrinkles. However, restoring tension to those muscles can tighten a mature face. While expensive surgeries may artificially tighten those muscles, working them from within is as easy as smiling and won’t cost a pretty penny.

Catherine Pez, a facial gymnastics instructor, is a strong believer in natural beauty. Her book, “The 5-Minute Facial Workout,” provides simple step-by-step facial workouts that can be done quickly and easily. It also explains how these methods work, points out specific facial muscles through clear diagrams and provides other tips to maintain a youthful appearance naturally.

As I was going through “The 5-Minute Facial Workout,” I was amazed at how visually pleasing and practical the set-up was. The book is divided into 30 separate exercises. It clearly identifies what muscles each exercise works and the benefits of toning those muscles. Then, each exercise is given a brief description with encouraging tips on how to do it correctly. A full-page photograph of a model doing each exercise makes the book even more even more user friendly.

To my surprise, I felt challenged by some of the exercises in the book. As an athlete, I initially found the idea of facial gymnastics amusing and not much else. However, after going through the 30 workouts, I felt a satisfying soreness all over my face.

One of my favorite exercises involved isolating the muscles around the lips to smile without moving my eyes. I had to focus on the isolation and was entertained by how strange the movement felt. At the end of the mini-workout, I felt a few muscles I never even knew I had.

An informative preface and conclusion taught me why these exercises were so important and inspired me to make it through all 30. Step-by-step massages in the back of the book made for a wonderful reward at the end of the workout.

Overall, I found it difficult to perform each exercise correctly at first. I felt I was working the wrong muscle or cheating and moving another part of my face at the same time. With the help of a mirror, I was able to figure each one out and enjoy a light tension in various parts of my face.

By the end of the workout, I could already feel the exercises toning and lifting. I felt like I had the skin of a 16-year-old. – Alex Sher


Photos courtesy of The 5-Minute Facial Workout: 30 Exercises for a Naturally Beautiful Face by Catherine Pez, 2014 © www.robertrose.ca Reprinted with publisher permission.