Don’t Space on the NASA International Apps Challenge

April 11-13, Ingenology Product Accelerator, 1810 Cherry St.

For just three days, teams and individuals from all over the world will collaborate to design solutions for various challenges NASA faces. The solutions will deal with issues ranging from space exploration to education to advancing NASA missions. This program is part of President Obama’s Open Government Initiative, aiming to bridge the gap between the American government and people.

KC is just one of two Midwest locations for the Space Apps Challenge and one of only 19 American locations. Globally, there will be 90 locations for the event.

Register for the NASA International Apps Challenge / Hackathon by clicking on the image below.

“We’re eager and excited to once again sponsor an event that puts Kansas City on an international stage for our technology prowess,” Ingenology President Mike Wilson says. Wilson hopes to continue Kansas City’s success with this event. Last year, the Kansas City location received global attention by receiving one of only five international awards and creating a solution recognized as a part of President Obama’s 21st century digital initiative.

“Kansas City is on par with anyone in the world,” he says. “We look forward to delivering more great solutions and further showcasing the great things we can do here.”

There will be a pre-party during First Friday on April 4 at the Ingenology offices in the Crossroads District. In addition to all of the hard work that will take place over the three-day event, there will launch party to celebrate and inform attendees on Friday and an awards ceremony and after-party Sunday afternoon. Food, beverages and high-speed Internet will be provided at Ingenology, just bring a computer and your a-game!

Visit to register.