Home Decor

Bring the Point Home With These Horn Designs

Whether they are real or faux, horns add a unique touch to an everyday outfit or even your home.

Sarah Harrison

We love these impala horns ($244 for the set, from Coveted Home), which are great peeking out from the hallway or making a statement over your mantle.


Local lamp maker Barbara Cosgrove offers a horn lamp ($290,call 816-221-3461 for ordering details), an interesting and masculine touch for a home office or library.


For a perfect conversation starter, try this pendant ($118, from Alysa Rene). The turquoise chain paired with the red horn is a winning color combo for warmer temps.


Looking for a less literal take on the trend? Go with a horn-inspired bracelet, like this find featuring ivory and silver beads ($23, from Feng).