Sloane Ranger Helps You Make a Stylish Getaway

From preppy to pinstriped, Sloane Ranger offers chic spring fashions you’ll want to see.

In case you aren’t familiar with the term “Sloane Ranger,” it’s Brit-speak for a stylish young person with upper-middle-class roots. (Princess Diana was the quintessential Sloanie.)

It’s also the name of a stylish young brand that—despite the London lingo—delivers accessories with an old-school East Coast prepster vibe, like this collection of bags. The large arrow-print tote ($65) and #Preppy tote ($30) are just right for shopping at the local farmers’ market, while the denim-stripe weekender bag ($110) is perfect if you’re pulling an overnighter at the lake.

All available from O’Home in the Crestwood Shops.