One to Watch: Fashion Designer Chante Gossett

Chante Gossett only graduated from the textile design program at the University of Kansas a few months ago, but she has already caught our attention with the two chic fashion collections she produced while still a student.

Gossett’s interest in fashion was kindled when she was just a kid, but she says she never really thought of it as a viable career option because the industry is so tough to break into. Practicality didn’t quell her passion though; when she embarked on her fine arts degree focusing on textiles, it was always with the goal of incorporating the weaving, dying, and printing techniques she was learning into her own garment designs. Gossett showed her first collection at the West 18th Street Fashion Show, following up with a solo show of her SS14 collection at the Crossroads event space The Bauer last fall.

She is now collaborating with Arlen Wickstrum of Skyline Downtown Salon to plan an event – currently planned for the first week of August – to showcase her FW14 collection. Despite these events, Gossett says she isn’t quite ready to start mass-producing her collection to sell yet because she is still honing her talents hand-making each piece. The good news is that when the time is right to translate her unique designs into a ready-to-wear collection, Gossett says she has no plans to leave for one of the coasts.

“This is something I love, and I want it to be my life,” she says. “But I want to keep it small and stay in KC.”

Check out the slideshow below to see some of our favorites from Gossett’s SS14 collection. Visit Gossett’s website to keep up to date.

Photos by Crystal Farris.