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Nutrition Essentials for a Brand New Spring

Spring, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways, with products, trends and colorful recipes suitable for a season where good nutrition adds up to a healthy lifestyle. NutritionSpring2013


Eating well should be a sensory experience with a variety of color, texture, aroma and flavor. But portion control throws a wrench in an otherwise pleasant experience, clunky measuring tools removing any vestiges of artistry in the process. Sheila Kemper Dietrich designed a line of tableware designed for automatic portion control.

Livliga plates are modern and stylish but contain built-in portion control systems to make mindfulness not so, well, mindful. The Halsa setting ($49.95) includes a dinner plate, luncheon/salad plate, cereal/soup bowl and a mug. Halsa, meaning “good health” in Swedish, features circles as visual indicators for serving size.

Find Livliga plates at livligahome.com and look for them at Webster House.



Dips make great party food, but a heaping scoop of seven-layer dip on a salty chip isn’t great for you. Instead, substitute the potato chips for carrot and celery sticks and throw together a last-minute appetizer that is as nutritious as it is flavorful. Soy-Sen-Zay’s Edamame Dip ($4.99) are perfect for vegan diets and have no preservatives. The dip is a mixture of edamame, olive oil, tahini, lemon juice and other natural ingredients and comes in flavors like cucumber, spicy Asian pepper, ginger wasabi and spicy garlic. Find Soy-Sen-Zay at Whole Foods.



Juices have been popular for years, and this season, they’re back and better than ever at Pure Juice, an organic and local juice and smoothie bar. Pure Juice creator Breanna Graham recommends starting off each season with a detox program.

Begin your program with a detoxing juice such as “Bright Eyes With A Beet” ($4.75 for 8 oz., $6.25 for 16 oz.). This delicious concoction of carrots, celery, beets, apple and lime is one of many that Pure Juice offers for delivery. The company offers numerous vegetable and fruit juices and smoothies made fresh daily using local and organic produce. Get juiced today at Pure Juice.

Visit purejuicekc.com, as they open fresh for the spring season this week.