Lucia Aerial Presents Its First Solo Show

The company’s inaugural solo show, “Aria Coda,” takes place March 7 and 8 at the Kansas City Ballet’s Bolender Center.

If you’re a big fan of Kansas City-based Quixotic performing arts group or love to try out the latest fitness trends, you may already have heard of Lucia Aerial Performing Arts. Lucia was founded last year by the former director of the Quixotic School of Performing Arts, Jenny Prohaska, and her sister, Ashley Prohaska, and offers a range of aerial arts classes for people of all ages and skill levels in the Leawood studio the performance company uses for training and practice.

This weekend Lucia Aerial will present its first-ever solo shows at Kansas City Ballet’s Bolender Center. The March 7 and 8 events will feature 18 company members who will dazzle with performances in aerial silks, trapeze and lyra blended with contortion and dance. Don’t miss it!

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