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Great BBQ Grilling Choices

Gadgets for the grill geek, the savvy smoker and everyone getting ready for a delicious Kansas City spring.

Springtime and grilling are easy. Meals are fun, easy and fresh whether they’re hot off the coals or succulent from the smoker. These grill mates guarantee meat, poultry, seafood and produce will shine at your next dinner party. Here’s a toast to the backyard grillmeister—you!

Sear-ious Work

The sleek, stainless, Memphis Elite award-winning pellet grill (pictured below) can take a steak and sear it at 700 degrees with a patented open-searing system. Or put baby back ribs in the 24-pound, high-capacity wood pellet hopper with two 12-pound fuel bins and go to the lake for the weekend. This grill provides up to 62 hours of unattended cooking. Smoke ’n’ Fire Barbecue and Fireplace, 8030 W. 151st St., Overland Park, 913-685-1111.


Good Egg

This eco-friendly ceramic egg has a lifetime warranty, meaning you can grill crispy pizzas and quesadillas, tender ribs and steaks to your heart’s content. The Big Green Egg is a smoker, a grill and an oven. It will be your go-to culinary sidekick, even after the official grilling season ends. Starting at $399. Hot Spot Pools & Spas, 2101 Kara Ct., Liberty.


A Sharp Design for a Sharp Name in Grilling

Serve up juicy, succulent food on this built-in version of the largest Saber grill, the SS 670 BI Infrared. Starting at just over $1,000 at Family Leisure in Olathe, this is one of their top recommendations. There is no other grill that gives you the precision type of cooking as infrared, and Saber is the best in the business. With its top performance, sleek design and premium materials, it will become the welcoming focus of your outdoor kitchen or island.