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Landscaping Your Home for Personality and Privacy

See how The Greensman elevated a Leawood home’s landscaping with elegant designs that had specific purposes in mind.

When homeowners in Leawood decided to update their landscaping prior to an upcoming major birthday event, they contacted The Greensman for help. That led to a working relationship with owner Kristopher Dabner and his team with ongoing improvements and maintenance to a property worthy of a garden tour. “After completing remodeling work in their home, they wanted to do landscaping for the exterior,” Dabner says.

Originally, the property had a small square front porch with two steps and a concrete sidewalk. Dabner added a front brick patio with a half-circle stoop and a fountain. He says, “The owners wanted a more gracious entrance. We also built a brick bench on the front porch and added iron railings to complement the design.”

The fountain in front was custom-built by a local metal smith. “While traveling in Maine, I found a copper finial at an antique store,” Dabner says. “I took a photo, showed it to the clients and they loved it. We had it shipped here so the metal smith could fashion it into a fountain. Rain and water gently ping off the copper and create a nice rhythmic percussion.”

To adjust for the small backyard, The Greensman focused on the larger side yard. Dabner says, “The clients wanted to claim that space so you could be outside and enjoy it, but still have privacy from neighbors.”

A sunken, brick-lined gravel terrace was installed along with a fountain and low wall. Other landscaping elements included adding boxwood and a holly hedge by the front porch to create “lots of foundation structure” as a natural wall. Dabner used vinca and hostas as groundcover supplemented with annual flowers, such as tulips and mums, depending on the season.

“We also added a Japanese snow bell tree that blooms white bell-shaped flowers in spring,” he says.

A boxwood hedge was installed around a crabapple tree by the master bedroom. Annual flowers are planted year-round for seasonal color. Other touches around the garden include the use of blue juniper trees, hydrangeas and burning bush to add color and texture while offering privacy from neighbors.

The Greensman has improved the landscaping over a five-year span. The blue, white and pastel color scheme, paired with evergreens outside of the house, complement a similar interior color scheme. For instance, a blue spruce in the backyard by the living room window blocks the view of the neighbor’s yard and introduces natural color that is pleasing to the eye.

“Now that the primary work is done, the yard makes a circuit as you follow the landscaping from front to back,” Dabner says. “It’s perfect for a garden tour.”