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3 Ways to Personalize Your Home with Chalkboards

Chalk it up to fun and spontaneity!

Suddenly chalkboards seem to be everywhere when it comes to home accessories. Maybe it’s nostalgia for that old-school (pun intended) look in this digital age, maybe it’s about personalizing your space—whatever it is, we’re on board. We love the idea of using a chalkboard table runner to write seat assignments for dinner parties or label buffet items. This one ($46, from Anthropologie) can be erased and re-used about five times.

Crate & Barrel’s slate bottle tags ($9.95 for four) are a fun way to indicate wine varietals for guests, and they also make great gift tags.

Bormioli Rocco glass jars with chalkboard labels ($6.95-$8.95, from Sur la Table) are top of the class for storing pasta, rice, sugar or whatever you fancy.