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Raise a Toast to William S. Burroughs

Fans of William S. Burroughs and local beer rejoice.

Free State Brewing Company is celebrating the 100th birthday of the late literary icon, artist and longtime Lawrence resident by crafting a special brew.

Based on the Berliner Weisse style known for its sour finish, Free State’s Burroughser Weisse has amped up the tartness by adding hibiscus flowers, which give the beer a bright fuchsia color as bold as the author it honors.

“Burroughs employed the cut-up technique in many of his writings,” says Free State head brewer Geoff Deman. “Burroughser Weisse can be seen as the brewing equivalent, with processes out of their typical order, coming together to make something unique and special.”

Take a sip of Burroughser Weisse from a commemorative glass featuring artwork by Jessica Rold when its debuts on Feb. 5, Burroughs’ birthday. The beer will be served on tap at Free State Brewery and select Lawrence locations.

And while you’re in town, check out “Creative Observer,” a multimedia exhibition of Burroughs’ work at the Lawrence Arts Center that includes his collaborations with Robert Rauschenberg, Keith Haring and Kurt Cobain. Get more info about the exhibition, which ends March 2nd, at the Lawrence Arts Center website.

Free State’s flagship Copperhead Pale Ale. Photo courtesy of Free State Brewing Company.