Quay Eyewear & Standard Style Give Us Some Bright Ideas

High style and low prices make the Quay line at Standard Style a quick favorite for spring.

Those lucky Australians. They have the market cornered on cute accents and slang. They have the world exclusive on koalas. And they certainly seem to get more than their fair share of sunshine. So it stands to reason that one of the hottest brands in sunglasses (or “sunnies” as the Aussies call them—see what we mean about the cute slang?) right now comes from Down Under.

Quay Eyewear shades have been popular with the locals for a decade but have only fairly recently become available in the States, where they’ve been spotted on celebs including Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani and Beyonce. We love the brand’s funky modern take on retro styles, punching up cute cat-eye shapes and round frames with bright colors and fun patterns.

Best of all, they’re surprisingly affordable for trendy shades, with most designs priced at around $40. All the more reason to stock up on multiple pairs—they’re available in KC at Standard Style—so the loss won’t be as devastating when you inevitably drop a pair in the lake or forget them on the table after happy hour on the patio.