Pure Emu Oil to the Rescue

Health and beauty products with a peculiar source

Almond milk and coconut oil are among the many all-natural alternatives currently taking over our kitchens and medicine cabinets. But you probably couldn’t guess where the latest trend in healthy oils comes from: emus.

Fat from the flightless birds contains a special kind of oil that offers many skincare benefits due to its high levels of omega fatty acids. Used by aboriginal Australians for centuries, emu oil is currently being studied for its potential therapeutic uses, including the promotion of wound and burn healing.

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At Sundance Emu Ranch outside of Lawrence, farmer Ann Merkel raises happy and healthy emus without antibiotics or hormones. After processing, the oil goes to Purple Emu Ltd. where it is made into various health and beauty products. Among Merkel’s favorites are Purple Emu Pure Emu Oil for topical moisturizing and the PEL Basics Super-Rich Moisturizer, a velvety-soft lotion that can tackle even the most chapped and dry winter skin.

Purple Emu products are sold at Lawrence farmers’ markets by Sundance Emu Ranch and are available online at

––Lindsey Kennedy