Mujjo Creates First Designer Leather Touchscreen Gloves

Swipe a pair of these and texting on the go becomes a cool breeze.

Touchscreen-compatible gloves are a necessity for people on the go, especially in the wintertime. Mujjo, a Dutch designer label for mobile accessories, has created the world’s first leather touchscreen gloves for women. The sleekness of the Ethiopian lambskin leather underside contrasts with Egyptian crocheted cotton on top, creating an elegant look.

Nanotechnology integrated into the leather mimics the touch of human skin, which allows for a layer of cashmere to line the gloves, forming luxurious protection from harsh winter winds.

The gloves are a bit longer than the male version and have a slim cut, which means they were carefully designed to fit the female hand. A short leather strap crosses a notch on the wrist to close with a black leather button snap, completing the chic design.

Unlike most smartphone-savvy gloves, this pair allows all fingertips and the palm to be used on nearly any touchscreen. For about $100, you can have your own pair of Mujjo leather touchscreen gloves. The company ships anywhere worldwide, and purchases can be made at

Story by Hannah Barling